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About Us

Established in 2006, Austen Group is a respected market leader for a multitude of products, manufactured and designed in our high quality factories around the world.

Due to our exceptional range of high quality products, combined with our dependable service, we have secured and maintained accounts with most of the top retailers in the country. We maintain substantial stock holdings in our large warehouse and our motivated team ensure we always meet our customers delivery requirements, no matter how stringent. Our whole company is focussed on delivering exceptional support and our flexible offering ensures that we can meet all of our customer’s needs.

Timeline Of Events

2022 Acquires
38 Employees
Turnover £14million
2021 Creates
Last Digital Photo Frame sold
Additional Land Purchased at Babdown
2020 Acquires ISO Covers
Acquires Ventac
Appointed UK Distributor for ODE Products
Appointed UK Distributor for Akustafoam
Turnover £12million
2019 Acquires Blokes Bags
Warehouse B Built
2018 Warehouse D Built
Turnover £10million
2017 Acquires Airwise Ventilation
Acquires Shield Decorators Apparel
Turnover £8million
2016 Appointed Distributor for Hills/Vileda Rotary Dryer
30 Employees
2015 Acquires
Purchases Babdown Airfield Site with Warehouse and WWII Hangar
Turnover £6million
2014 Aquires
25 Employees
2013 Acquires
2012 Acquired
Created Day Clock with Designability
Day Clock wins Innovation Award
20 Employees
Turnover £4million
2011 Acquired
Moved to larger premises at Cooper Road Thornbury
2010 Acquired
Changed name of Business to DF Sales Ltd
10 Employees
Turnover £3million
2009 Acquired
2008 Purchased Unit D4 Ashville Park Thornbury
Turnover £1million
2006 Started Trading as
Based in bedroom at Trench Farm
1st Employee joins Rob Austen

Prior to starting this business Rob Austen had worked as a Turnaround Consultant and before that a senior manager at Orange. Rob heard of a “digital frame” from a friend and knew what one would be and how it would be an exciting opportunity for any early market leader. Rob researched the opportunity and sourced the first variants and then approached his good friend Nick Veitch to ask him if he wanted to partner Rob. Neither Rob nor Nick had any experience in E-Commerce and both were excited about the opportunity and the prospect of adding to their business knowledge. Rob would undertake all the operational and accounting activities and Nick would do the procurement and offer advice as required. Nick’s job as Managing Director of Eurocoin Ltd meant he had little time to dedicate to the business but with Rob winding down a Turnaround project he had more time available. The business was profitable from its first month and within 6 months Rob was working full time on Digital Frames Ltd, as it was then. With Nick being fully committed to Eurocoin the pair agreed in 2007 for Rob to buy out Nick’s shares. It is a testament to their relationship that they remain very best friends.